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John Lautner – The Lautner Compound, Desert Hot Springs, CA (1947)

In 1947, when Oscar winning director Lucien Hubbard commissioned Marquette Michigan native, John Lautner to design a geometric compound in the Mojave Desert, they envisioned sunken living rooms enclosed by large expanses of sheet glass, concrete, redwood, and steel. These … Continue reading

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James Bronkema – Steel Home, 1952

The family who lives in this 1952 James Bronkema home are no strangers to attention. Looking like an example of of the Case Study House program, their home would not seem out of place in a history book amongst other … Continue reading

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Chuck Carter – 1967

Flash back to April 21, 1967, when forty-five tornados ripped through the midwest, leaving a path of destruction from Missouri to Michigan. Grand Rapids witnessed at least two of these powerful vortexes, one one of which left a newly built … Continue reading

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Albert Builders – The Kendalwood

Built into the slope of a hill and completely glassed in on the entry level, Mindi and Kevin’s house is a standout on their block. A mixture of stacked slate, vertical wood siding, and a sloping post-and-beam roofline define the … Continue reading

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Architect Unknown – 1958

Ask Paul and Leisa why they chose a modern home, and the answer doesn’t fit the usual gamut of responses you may expect to hear from a stereotypical modern home owner. For them, it was neither about fulfilling a philosophical … Continue reading

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Charles Goodman – Alcoa Care Free Home (1957)

In 1957, Grand Rapids, Michigan was introduced to the work of prominent modern architect, Charles Goodman with the Alcoa Care Free home. Intended as a showcase piece for the Aluminum Company of America, the Alcoa Care Free home was a … Continue reading

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Gunnar Birkerts – Freeman House (1965-1966)

Located on a heavily wooded lot lies an unusual prismatic structure. Nestled into the earth amongst a shroud of trees is a modern masterpiece and private residence, the Freeman House. Illuminated by natural daylight flooding in through angled panes of glass … Continue reading

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Grand Rapids Magazine

For those of you who live in or around Grand Rapids, keep an eye out for the November 2012 issue of Grand Rapids Magazine. There you will find a Mid-Century Michigan article in print, as well as a write-up  in the … Continue reading

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Come make friends with Mid-Century Michigan on Facebook and Twitter for the latest info on what’s to come to this blog. Check in for up-to-date info on the latest stories, updates, photo shoots, and general mid-century modern goodness. Mid-Century Michigan … Continue reading

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Richard Neutra – List House (1962)

If every Richard Neutra home were blessed with owners as mindful as Thor and Katie, history books would have richer stories to tell. When the couple purchased the List house in 2000 from the family who built it, they did … Continue reading

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