About the project

Mid-Century Michigan is a project aimed at documenting modern homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a focus on mid-century-modernism, the homes featured on this blog were built between 1940-1975. The intention is to unearth the stories behind these homes, explaining the history of the architects, the clients, the commissions, and the houses themselves. The concept of the project is to present a photo-rich portrayal of how these homes are lived in today.

Additional contributions may be made by current owners, architectural historians, and in some cases, maybe even the architects themselves. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me at midcenturymichigan@gmail.com.

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Goals of Mid-Century Michigan:

  • To document the city’s important architectural design heritage.
  • To preserve modern architecture through bolstered advocacy and awareness of these important residential landmarks on local, national, and international levels.
  • To increase general appreciation of these modern masterpieces, as little has been published on some of these locations.
  • To create a platform for an ongoing dialogue of modern residential architecture in Michigan.
  • To promote an image of Michigan as a hotspot of progressive design by showcasing its roots in the modern movement..

7 Responses to About the project

  1. mika says:

    FYI There is a mid-century modern house listed on http://www.grar.com at 2830 Elmwood in EGR.


    open house on August 21st from 2-4

  2. RetroRuth says:

    Hi Tyler!
    I am currently living in Midland, MI, and share your love of mid-century architecture! If you ever need help documenting Midland area buildings or need research done at the Alden Dow Home and Studio, feel free to ask!

    • tylermerkel says:

      Hello Ruth! I’m glad you found out about Mid-Century Michigan. It’s great to find fellow Michiganders who have a strong appreciation for mid-century modernism. Let’s keep in touch! I’ll be visiting Midland soon for a research trip.

  3. Bree says:

    Great blog! I really enjoyed your tours of some mid century modern Michigan homes! My husband and I are in love with MCM design, and you can see some of the renovations we’ve done to our home in Arizona on our blog, honeybadgerhome.com. I stumbled upon your blog because I’m always on the lookout for mid century real estate in Michigan. We’re hoping to move to Traverse City, one of these days…

  4. John K. says:

    Check out our subdivision in Farmington Hills, MI. I think you will find it very interesting and full of Mid Century Design. http://hollyhillfarms.info

  5. Maia Schneider says:

    Thanks for sharing your passion. We live in an Eichler in Sacramento, CA and are interested in taking an MCM road trip to include the Midwest. Do you have an MCM tour in your city? Keep up the great work!

    • tylermerkel says:

      Thanks for writing, Maia. Of course, Eichler homes are amazing in their own right. While Grand Rapids does not have an official tour for MCM homes and sites, please keep pace with Mid-Century Michigan on Facebook, where you can get a glimpse of pop-up tours and other events happening in our community.

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